Mattel 2014

Barbie - Style Icon


Barbie is making a comeback and using her fashionable friends and social media to do it! Ever since Ruther Handler created Barbie in 1959, she’s been making headlines and popping up on wish lists all across the globe, but in recent years Barbie’s taken heat for her disproportionate body and garnered criticism by feminists for being “flighty” in her career endeavors.  We personally feel that Barbie has represented to girls that you can do anything you set your mind to and her career hopping made it cool to like science, math and even politics. 


Barbie’s impact on modern society is undeniable. Mattel’s recent reinvention of the brand includes partnerships with fast fashion retailer Forever 21 and Wildfox. Barbie also launched on Instagram in August to show off her iconic street style. The account blew up and now Barbie has over 300,000 followers. 


The brand is also launching Barbie Lagerfeld on September 29th and marks the first doll modeled after a living fashion designer. The doll will feature the signature style of the famed fashion designer — black blazer, black fingerless gloves and metallic accents. Only 999 dolls will be produced and will sell for approximately $200 USD. Visit 

Net-A-Porter.com, select Karl Lagerfeld retail stores, TheBarbieCollection.com and Colette in Paris to score your Karl Lagerfeld Barbie.


These days you can find Barbie front row at fashion shows, taking selfies, and oh yeah...being an astronaut, entrepreneur, blogger, fashionista, and more. Barbie represents every woman (but much cooler).