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When we decided to start this magazine, people said we were crazy. "Magazines are dead," everyone said, and we agree. The old standard of magazine publishing is dead because today's woman is smart, savvy and can read between the lines. They know when the advice given is masked as editorial content but really comes from a key advertiser. They know when a story has been recycled and regurgitated 50 times in 50 different ways. Newsstands are filled with magazines that are designed to line the pockets of the suits and investors, who are mostly men. When online media companies and blogs began to pop up women flocked to this "new media" with fervor and excitement and let's face it, we all get a good bit of news, fashion tips and other lifestyle material from online resources. However, in the last few years volume of online media content has become completely overwhelming and we felt it was time to get back to basics in a totally modern, fresh and future seeking way. So, we created Nicole Magazine to give women something to read cover-to-cover with real, engaging fresh content. Think of us as the curators of the huge wealth of information out there. We promise to give you something you have yet to discover with each click. We promise never to sell out to advertisers. We promise to always care about what's new fresh, affordable, but also what's worth the "splurge." 


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Nicole C. Doswell

Travel & Lifestyle Editor

Lori Riviere 


Sales Team / General Inquiries

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