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Are CAD Fashion Shows The Next Wave?

The innovative menswear brand from Taiwan, oqLiq, released the final installment of their three-part fashion film series, “Natural Blessing,” at London Fashion Week. Parts I and II were released New York Fashion Week last September and this past week on the 18th. oqLiq chose London Fashion

Week to release the final installment to pay homage to one of the great fashion capitals that embraces innovative and streetwear fashion. The show was virtual and completely digitized.

The film showcased gender-neutral focused on a color palette inspired by nature with black, deep moss green, olive, gray, white and navy. The fashion show opens to a seemingly infinite blue stair-case and 3D CAD models ascend the staircase in utilitarian pieces with zippered pockets and unexpectedly places drawstrings.

Outwear pieces with architectural zippered pockets are perfect for keeping a mask or hand sanitizer easily accessible, or tickets to Space with Virgin Galactic when you need a respite from the Covid crisis.

oqLiq showcased a wearable collection with versatile pieces that can be worn in a variety of settings and great attention to details like inclusion of their signature curved zippers on trench coats, deep pockets, and hidden buttons.

This interaction of the "Natural Blessing" showcased pieces in a subtle signature plaid and pops of white with interesting pocket and drawstring details.

Pieces from this "Natural Blessing" collection were designed to withstand various climate scenarios in this extreme weather world. Nature inspired hues dominated the collection: olive, navy, khaki, taupe and black, with layered pieces in a subtle plaid and some refreshing pops of vibrant white. Fabrics and textiles used throughout the collection will be polartec, nylon, poly and cotton although for our viewing pleasure they are 100% pixel today.

Though traditionally menswear, oqLiq wanted to expand on their successful debut a couple of seasons ago at NYFW: The Shows with a unisex approach, sticking true to gender neutrality in the fashion industry, today.

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