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These 2 Minority Millennial Women Are Pushing For Equality & Representation In Business

In the spirit of uplifting female voices this International Women's Day, we introduce to you 2 young female connectors uplifting women and making waves 365 (and extra loud Today). Meet Yanyi "Summer" Li, 31 and Jaclynn Brennan, 32 who started a networking and growth community called Fylí to address the wage gap/lack of capital behind female businesses and create a safe space to network and connect with likeminded people.

Fylí provides members with the tools to optimize their growth through accountability, empowerment, storytelling and authenticity. It's an empowering space for women to network and grow together in business.

Jaclynn Brennan (Left) Yanyi "Summer" Li (Right) captured at NYFW

Meet The Women Behind The Business:

Jaclynn Brennan is a branding and design expert with a corporate fashion background as a Creative Director. This badass Latina designed Serena William's first jewelry collection in collaboration with Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdales and has worked with over 22 major corporations including Refinery29, Samsung, and Nordstrom. Not only has she killed it in business she comes to the game with tons of heart. Jaclynn ran a 501c3 women's empowerment foundation called UNLEASHED that supported global female artisans and girls' education.

She has now joined forces with Summer who is a powerhouse in her own right to form Fylí. Summer Y.L. is a digital marketing and partnerships expert who outside of being a influencer is recognized to as the go-to strategist for Chinese companies looking to launch within the US (and vice-versa). In the past 6 years she has built golden social capital in fashion, media, beauty, lifestyle, tech, business, and VC.

These Ladies saw a representation issue in the business world, and stopped just talking about it, they put action into motion with Fyli. Did you know that despite effort from female founders, venture capitalist and diversity advocates female entrepreneurs continue to struggle to raise as much capital as their male counter parts? "The lack of equity in VC is in part caused by the lack of women on the other side of the table; venture capital funds still employ very few women." And although women's representation among the college-educated workforce is expanding, women still earn less than men.

Fylí is a membership group that takes the idea that your network is your networth to another level. They are hosting a networking event today that will expand your tribe and your knowledge so we all can grow together. Today, International Women's Day, they have teamed up with Double A Labs to expand their tribe and give women a glimpse into what they can do when they join forces to expand their network and grow their net worth. Natasha Hastings, Kendra Scott and Susan Rockefeller are just a few of the names participating in the first International Women’s Day Phygital World™ experience. Hosted by Double A Labs X Fyli, the 3D virtual event will immerse people into an interactive "Phygital" space where they can enter rooms to watch keynotes, panels, artistic performances via Collabarét Creative, participate in meet-and-greets, and much more. With over 70 speakers, the event will honor the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and cover a variety of topics including Women Raising Capital and Creating Equity Through Inclusion. See the speakers and more information about the event HERE. Below you will see the rainbow of speakers that are both diverse in background and thought. Head to the Phygital World now through the end of March.

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