Runway-Inspired Trends for Spring 2015

With the winter chill finishing it’s course, be on point this spring with the hottest looks from the runway.

1. Wild Prints

Instead of the classic leopard or zebra prints were accustomed to seeing, this season went all out with animal prints of much different origins: seahorses, bees, and even crabs were showcased in marvelous and bold patterns.

2. 70’s Glamor

A blast from the colorful past of the 70’s was a major theme this spring season. Bell bottoms, denim, boho flowy dresses, and patched up textiles brought some fun elements to the runway.

3. Neutral Comeback

Nudes and olives came to life on the runway. You can find ponchos, camo prints, and trench dresses in safari-inspired colors to get you ready for a spring adventure!

4. Sporty Chic

Sportswear is a loved trend thats going strong. Details are the selling points in these athletic-inspired looks that keep the looks fresh and on point.

5. Bare Shoulders

Reveal one of your finest assets with this seasons off-the-shoulder looks. Whether it’s one-shoulder dresses or tops with intricate necklines, show off your natural power pads.

6. The New Skirt

Designers have brought a twist to the classic skirt this season. Instead of wearing it alone, use it as a layering piece over dresses or shorts for a completely new outfit.

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