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Sangha Yoga Shala is a yoga studio independently owned and operated in Williamsburg, Brooklyn since 2009. It’s located on the third floor of a lovely building on a very vibrant street. This past weekend, living a few blocks away I decided to come in and check out the space for a Vinyasa Yoga class. Now, I am by no means a devoted “yogi” or consider myself to be “zen” in any way. But something about the space, the instructor, the tunes, and the general flow of the class had me leaving feeling much happier and refreshed, with plans to stop in again later in the week.

The studio itself was very airy, with dark wood floors, white brick walls, and a ton of natural light seeping through. The class I participated in was a Vinyasa flow, otherwise known as moving meditation because of the constant reconnecting with your breath. We started the class with breathing exercises and becoming very mindful of the energy flowing through our bodies. Sometimes studios rush through this process, but what I liked about the instructor, Alana, is that she spent a good deal of time making sure everyone was able to connect with their inner selves.

Alana was also extremely perceptive of everyone’s postures and was quick to make corrections, as well as help with taking you deeper into your postures. I’m always a bit skeptical when taking a yoga class with music in the background because it tends to be overly chanty and ritualistic but the teacher chose a fun playlist of bluesy-country with mellow old school rock thrown in and finished class off with a couple new age yoga tracks. Instructors can make or break a class and Alana was definitely one of the best teachers I’ve ever experienced. As a student I got the sense that she really knew what she was doing, I wanted to learn her and her energy completely put you at ease and made you feel comfortable instantaneously.

After class we were offered coffee, juices, that one could mix with tequila if they chose to re-tox right after they de-tox, as well as healthy nibbles. The studio, although quite large and spacious felt very cozy, welcoming and everyone who attended the classes regularly seemed to have formed a bond. That being said, as a newcomer I didn’t feel at all like I was intruding, it was quite the opposite and everyone was very sincere and friendly.

Studio Specs: Sangha Yoga Shala is located at 107 North 3rd Street #3E in Brooklyn, NY 11211. They have a number of upcoming events and special workshops that can appeal to anyone from the beginner yogi to someone who is much more advanced. Class prices: New students get 2 weeks for $40, or a monthly-unlimited autopay for $99. Single classes are $22 with a mat rental included and they offer a number of class packs that range from $90 to $320.

For more info on the studio visit: www.sanghayoganyc.com/

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