At 6:30pm, the line to get into the NPR Music First Listen Live with Miguel at Le Poisson Rouge NYC, was around the corner. It was interesting to see so many people of all different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities coming together for such a musical event.

Doors opened right on time and the venue filled up with fans. I was front and center ready to be a witness of what the night had in store. At 9:00pm (on the DOT might I add) the show began. Miguel got the energy of the crowd going by opening up the show with Kaleidoscope Dream's, "The Trill", that surely set the tone for the evening with its electric guitars, bass, and not to mention, Miguel's soulful vocals.

Miguel made sure to switch up the old with the new by singing the first single off his new album "Coffee" but also, being sure not to leave us wishing that he would perform "How Many Drinks", "Quickie" and "Sure Thing."

Miguel made his presence and energy known by his interaction on stage and also with the crowd. There was not one person standing in the audience that wasn't dancing, waving their arms from side to side, or singing along with him.

At one point, I thought the show was over. Miguel took his bow, and made his exit off the stage. The crowd yelled out "Encore! Encore!", and within 30 secs, Miguel graced us with his presence once again, closing out with his romantic and Grammy awarded hit "Adorn."

Aside from performing, Miguel took the time out to be a motivation for anyone who has ever had a dream. He mentioned that "everyones journey is different and that's okay", but to "stay true to ourselves." The humility and gratitude that he showed as the audience applauded him was genuine and sincere. A refreshing feeling from a Grammy awarded singer.

Overall, this event was one to remember. I'm happy to see that Miguel is "breaking the norm" of his previous works of art, and took a different approach while creating "WildHeart". It still has that RnB feel to it, but with a clash of rock and soul. A love story to all the wild hearts out there.

I thank you Miguel for adding to my love of quality music. Continue to remain humble. To NPR music and the staff at Le Poisson Rouge, NYC, I thank you for putting together a flawless first listen event and for accommodating the hundreds of fans that stood in line for this righteous night.


Are you a fan of Miguel like we are? Check out his full performance online at [click here]

Photos: by Melissa Bradford

Instagram Post: @kerycechelsi

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