Peggy Guggeinheim's Grandson Opened an Awesome Gallery in Brooklyn Last Night!

The great-grandson of legendary arts patron Peggy Guggenheim, who has previously worked at Gagosian and a handful of other galleries in Paris and New York, opened the doors of the Rumney Guggenheim Gallery this week with a swanky swaree in Brooklyn last night.

Housed inside the former Williamsburg Savings Bank, the gallery's inaugural show, "Some Place Like Home" features Brooklyn art scene staples Swoon and Olek, as well as neon artist Olivia Steele, street artist Boxhead, Los Angeles-based three-dimensional artist Moral Turgeman, and installation artist Michelle P. Dodson.

The pieces on exhbit are really awesome, including some fun interative art pieces, which are perfect for a frist date. It will be open to the public from October 9-November 11, 2015.

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