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Confession. I am still in search of a favorite pizza joint in NYC. I've lived here for much of my life and as much as I love pizza, I've never had a go-to pizza spot, but instead a myriad of pizza joints that I like for different reasons and different pizza moods. Last week I was watching Shark Tank when the owners of a Brooklyn Pizza joint called Table 87 presented their frozen slices for investment. The sharks loved the pizza and said it was delicious. What caught my attention was that the owners said they only use fresh ingredients. I immediately went to Yelp to check out the reviews. Yelp had good reviews, so Saturday night I made the trek to Brooklyn sans reservation to see if I could score a spot at Table 87.

I went to the Atlantic Avenue location (they have two) and the front of the restaurant is set up for take out orders with some stools for those getting a quick slice. They also sell gourmet pastas and sauces. We put our name in and we were told the wait would be 20 minutes. I think we waited 15 and were whisked to the back dining room with seating for about 30 people total and an open kitchen. The restaurant has a cozy feel and the wait staff were warm and friendly. They were really busy because of the Shark Tank appearance, but the service was pretty good. While we were waiting for our table we heard the call in orders for pizza delivery and people were looking at a 2-3 hour wait!

The menu has a selection of traditional Italian appetizers like calamari and salads as well as pizzas, pastas (which looked delicious) and some hearty meat dishes. We felt obligated to order pizza since that was the angle pushed on Shark Tank. I always order a margherita pizza when trying a new pizza joint, because if they can't get that right they can't do pizza. When the pizza came out the server came around with jars of house made roasted garlic and spicy peppers. I obliged and topped my pizza with both. When I took my first bite, I was met with the perfect blend of flavors and gooeyness of the fresh mozzarella. I could actually taste how fresh the ingredients were. The sauce was perfect...not to sweet, not too acidic....just right. The crust could have been salted a bit, but I am in L-O-V-E with this pizza. The pizza is made in a coal fired oven and you can see the slabs of fresh mozzarella baked into the pie. The jarred toppings add another element of fresh, deep flavors. I am obsessed with the roasted garlic! I have found my new go-to pizza place....Table 87!

87 Atlantic Ave 473 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11201 Brooklyn, NY 11215

b/t Henry St & Hicks St b/t 6th Ave & 9th St Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill Gowanus

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