Kodak brings "Kool" Camera Phone to US Market

Earlier this week, our tech team headed over to the rooftop at the Ink48 Hotel to attend the VIP, invite-only U.S launch party for the KODAK Ektra Smartphone. This new smartphone is made for creatives and comes with cases that feel like vintage camera cases oozing with style.

Executives from the Bullitt Group, the brains behind the phone were on hand to demonstrate how the phone basically operates like a super duper awesome camera. We got to test out the camera phone on the roof deck capturing artsy photos of the New York skyline and we don't mind bragging that a few were gallery worthy thanks in no small part to the camera!

The Kodak Ektra retails for $399 and its leather cases range from $39.95-$79.95 and there is also a limited edition Pop & Suki case bundled with the phone for $449.99. It is an unlocked phone, with no contracts required and works on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks.

Here are the specs:

Now available in the U.S., the Kodak Ektra , smartphone, camera-first smartphone that retails for $399 and takes gorgeous photos which can be edited instantly with integrated Snapseed software for professional-quality photo editing in seconds. It records video in 4K resolution and has integrated Super 8 software for editing and fun effects. A partnership with fashion designers Pop and Suki offers a light pink leather case; also have leather cases in black and scarlet and tan and ochre. The camera comes with 32MB of memory onboard that is expandable to 256 with a memory card.


$399 for the phone

$449.99 for phone & limited edition pop & suki case

$39.99 for leather sleeves (brown & black)

$79.95 for leather cases (brown & black



Best Buy (select stores & online)


B&H in NYC & online

Tell us...would you consider the switch from your iphone or Android to this sleek Kodak phone?

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